KPSL Player Card Reconciliation

All of our player card processing is now online.  Use the links below to access the digital form for your request.  Once complete you can use a debit/credit card or e-check to complete the registration.  Once received our registrar will have your cards printed and ready for pick up at the KPSL office now located at the Garmin Soccer Complex 10529 Warwick Olathe, KS 66061.

  • Be sure to use the appropriate form for your specific request.
  • Use comment field for any special request or instructions. 
  • All requests for cards/rosters must be submitted by 5:00pm on Wednesday to be ready for pick up by following Friday at 3:00pm.
  • Office hours will be 10:00-3:00pm Monday-Friday.
  • There WILL NOT be an after-hours drop off or pick up location.  Coaches/Managers will need to plan for documents to be picked up by a team official during business hours.
  • All requests for new roster/player cards for the 2022-23 season must by turned in by 5pm on THURSDAY JULY 7,2022.  To allow enough time for processing before the first weekend of fall league.  (8/12/2022)
  • All requests will be processed in the order they are received.  A notice will be sent when documents are ready for pick up.
  • HEAD SHOT PHOTO/JPEG FORMAT-downloaded to computer file with each player’s name under their phone. If names are not included on photos all documents will be returned until the correct information is submitted.
  • 2022-23 MEDICAL WAIVER must be most updated waiver that includes email/phone/mailing address/with players other information. If you do not send the current medical waiver all your paperwork will be returned until all the correct paperwork is submitted. The new Got Sport system will not accept players without an email/phone number and mailing address.
  • BIRTH CERTIFICATE– or other documents with DOB (date of birth)

These documents are all very important.  They need to be clear and readable. If they are missing any email, phone number, mailing address, name, signed and dated at the bottom they will be returned, and your parents will have to fill out again.  It is the manager/coach’s responsibility to make sure all the information is there before you upload and send it to be processed.

Items will be returned if they are not readable, blurry, to small to see. Med waivers must be signed for this season. Photos can not be full body shots.  Please take a simple photo of your players with your phone. Then upload to computer and add names.   You should only need to submit three files.  Medical Waivers/Photos/Birth certs.

You may not send your teams info one thing at a time.  It all needs to come as one whole team.  Late items will cause everything to be returned to wait for all things to be submitted together.

Everyone should have a phone or computer to scan documents or photos and then make a file for each group of documents.  If you do not know how to do this find someone on your team to help you.  Your items will be returned, and you will have to re-do them if they are not done correctly the first time.  

Once you have all your documents together you can go to the player card reconciliation tab on the KPSL website and start your team registration.   You will want to go to the section labeled: KPSL Team Roster Registration Form 

You will select either the e-check or credit card for your payment option, that link will take you to the form where you will enter team information and then information for each of your players.  

  • Will you need your documents (rosters/players card) for an event before the start of Heartland Fall League?  Please answer with date you need to have your cards for any other events.
  • Select the appropriate format for your age group. (7 v7 / 9 v 9 /or 11 v 11)
  • Enter each of your players names one by one.
  • Enter each coaches/manager information if they are to be carded. 
  • The system will automatically add up your fees for your team.  You will then enter payment information. Please check to make sure the number of cards matches the number of players you have on your team. You do not want to miss anyone.

Fees for KPSL Documents

  • The last thing before submitting will be to Upload your (3) documents to the appropriate section for medical waivers, birth certificates, or photos.
  • Player Passes – $16.75
  • Secondary/Transfer – $7.50
  • Coaches Cards – 7.50
  • Replacement Cards – $5.00

One time team admin fees (only applicable on team registrations)

If you have any questions or issues using these online forms please contact Sheila Ozburn at or 913-766-2196 ext 700 for assistance.

KPSL team registration directions >>

KPSL Club Registration Form Option #1:
This form is for our clubs that build their own rosters in Got Sport.  Use for multiple teams and/or players (e-check only). DO NOT USE If you do not create your own rosters in Got Sport.
Click here to access the KPSL Club Registration Form – eCheck >>
Click here to access the KPSL Club Registration Form – Credit Card>>
Click here to access the KPSL Club Registrar Player Card Request Form – eCheck >>
Click here to access the KPSL Club Registrar Player Card Request Form – Credit Card >>

KPSL Team Roster Registration Form Option #2:
Use this form if you are creating cards for an entire team’s roster.
Click here to use a Credit Card >>
Click here to use eCheck >>

KPSL Player Card Request Form:
Use this form for individual player requests including secondary roster and replacement Cards.
Click here to use a Credit Card >>
Click here to use eCheck >>

If you are a new team or club wanting to join KPSL please contact

Sheila Ozburn KPSL Registrar
913-766-2196 ext. 700
10529 S. Warwick St. Olathe, KS. 66061
Olathe Garmin Complex offices.