Letter from the KPSL President – Johnny Duker

Letter from the KPSL President – Johnny Duker

My name is Johnny Duker, your newly elected Kansas Premier Soccer League (KPSL) president. I would like to officially welcome all players, parents, administrator and coaches to the 2019-2020 season. As we embark on a new season, it is important to understand we are a league of opportunity and family and our promise to serve you as members is to never stay satisfied. As president I will always strive to make improvements so you can always be engaged with the greatest youth league ever assembled for you to belong.   

For our players to have the best experience playing the game we all love so much, we as parents and coaches need to set the tone on how to create the best environment for our players.  Coaches have to maintain the highest standards of conduct during matches. Coaches need to be aware and responsible for all players and supporters in every match. Please make yourselves familiar with the Heartland Soccer League “Coaches Code of Conduct” https://www.heartlandsoccer.net/coaches-code-of-conduct/ Please educate your clubs/team players and parents regarding coaches standard and new laws of the game changes being implemented this season. You can find all the new rule changes on our KPSL and heartland website. 

Be an example of respect that you would expect to be shown toward you. We can disagree and communicate respectfully even though we are competing against each other, positive behavior from coaches and assistant coaches will translate to parents and players. If you witness parents disrespecting referees and the opposing team it is absolutely your responsibility to stop the bad behavior immediately. In the same manner you need to praise parents who show great respect to the referees and apposing team. 

I will be reaching out individually to schedule a time to meet with each member club/team in the coming weeks to understand how KPSL can serve your teams. I promise to listen and collaborate with each member club/team to better serve your needs. Let’s make this season an extraordinary season for our players, parents, administrators, referees and coaches. Be a positive example on the sidelines. 


Johnny Duker
Email: jduker7781@gmail.com 
Phone: 913-575-1278

“Choosing to be positive and having a grateful attitude is going to determine how you’re going to live your life”. Joel Osteen