Kansas Premier Soccer League was originally the premier league run by Heartland Soccer Association.That has since changed and KPSL (Kansas Premier Soccer League) is now one of six soccer clubs that are playing under the “umbrella” of Heartland Soccer Association. The word “League” is still part of the organization’s name for historical reasons. KPSL is considered the home of the independent team or club.


News item: 07/26/2022

Interested in joining the KPSL board and helping shape youth soccer in KC? 

KPSL has two openings on our board. If you are interested in joining, and being a part of KPSL, email KPSL President John Duker and let him know. 

News item: 07/24/2022

Toca U14 Boys win National Championship!

Congrats to coach Matt Gow and the 2008 Toca MLS boys for bringing home some massive hardware and winning a National Championship. 

News item: 06/03/2022


This year KSYSA has moved from the registration platform they have used for many years (Got Soccer) to the newer version. (Got Sport) All KSYSA teams will be using the new platform moving forward. 

Unfortunately, the information from past years will not be transferable.  All documents will be entered for the first time this year.  This will be a time-consuming job.  We will need all team administrators to enter all their information exactly how we are asking.  This is the only way all teams will be able to get their documents in time for Heartland Fall league which start on August 12th.

Teams will need to plan ahead and make sure you have all your documents are ready to meet the deadlines.  Information not entered correctly will not be processed.  It will be sent back to you to re-do.  Please make sure you understand directions and feel free to contact us with any questions.


Thursday July 7, 2022(12:00pm/Noon) Heartland Fall League registration Deadline-https://www.heartlandsoccer.net/ 

  • When registering for fall league with Heartland as in the past you will select KPSL when asked what association you are a part of. You may see a message telling you to go to the KPSL website to pay or league fee or send your check by mail.  That message is NOT CORRECT.  Once you register with Heartland for fall league, they will then send KPSL your team information.  KPSL will then send you an invoice to pay by e-check or credit card online. 
  • PLEASE DO NOT MAIL CHECKS.  Be patient it will take a few days for the link to come to you.  If you do not see a link within 5 days, please contact KPSL with questions.  KPSL teams do not have to pay their fees paid by July 7th, 2022.  Once you receive your registration confirmation from Heartland then you just wait for your invoice.  Your invoice will be due as soon as you receive it.  Please make sure you are collecting your fees so you can pay as soon as you receive it. Unlike the past when KPSL has allowed up to two weeks.  

Thursday July 7, 2022-(5:00pm) KPSL documents turned in for team registration (rosters/player card requests)-http://www.kpsl.org/

  • Anything submitted after July 7th does not have a guarantee of being ready by the August 12, 2022, Heartland league start date.  Once tryouts are complete you need to collect your paperwork as soon as possible and be ready to submit all your team documents by the deadline.  Heartland also has a deadline for when KPSL must turn in rosters for the upcoming league
  • If you are having a hard time filling your teams you need to contact the registrar at KPSL with your team information regarding more time.
  • Please do not register a team that you do not have enough players for.  Once you register your team the process for league starts.  KPSL pays Heartland for the team’s registration and Heartland starts the scheduling process.  If you have a team that does not have enough players after you register for Heartland you must contact Heartland and KPSL as soon as possible.  Once the schedule is released you will be responsible for paying the fee for the team.   Any person who registers a team with Heartland for fall through KPSL is responsible for the fee even if the team does not have enough players to make up a team.  


  • If you are a new team or club looking to join KPSL you will need to contact the registrar by June 15, 2022, to get registered for the upcoming season.  
  • New teams/clubs will need a Primary contact and Administrative/Financial contact with emails and phone numbers.  This usually takes a few days to be added to the KPSL website drop down menu. Once entered you can add your teams to the registration.


Please remember Coaches are required to update their risk management/background check every other year. Safe Sport/concussion protocols are updated every year.  Team documents can not be processed without an up-to-date coach on the account.  If your background check is expiring in the next 60 days, please update as soon as possible.

  • All coaches need a current up to date risk management assessment as well as Safe Sport/concussion protocols updated.  
  • If your coaching credentials are up to date and not expired your information should transfer to Got Sport without a problem.  
  • If you need to renew your background check/risk management, you will have to sign-in to your account on the new Got Sport system and fill out information for a new background check.
  • If you have a current coaching card but are moving from one club to another club, you must contact Carrie at the KSYSA office and ask her to move you to the new club. cdouglas@kansasyouthsoccer.org  or 913-782-6434  ext. 202
  • If you have never been carded with Got Soccer/Got Sport you will need to contact the KPSL registrar with the following information.  sheila.registrar@kpsl.org

    Full Name/date of birth/mailing address/phone number/email address/gender/name of club you will be coaching/name of team you will be coaching. Please send a JPEG head shot photo with your request.  

    Once you have submitted the information please watch emails for more information, you may need to check your spam/junk folders for items from Got Sport.

  • This is a busy time of year, pleases make sure you submit your information early.  It can take up to 2-3 weeks sometimes.  Team documents cannot be processed without a carded coach.

News item: 05/31/2022

Heartland Soccer is looking for a front office league administrator. More info and how to apply can be found here.

News item: 03/28/2022

Soccer For Tomorrow – Olathe College ID Showcase.

Attendees are trained and scouted by college coaches from all collegiate levels! Players will have a unique opportunity to be evaluated, and interact, with various college programs at one time! K-State. KU. UMKC. Mid-America Nazarene. Baker. Drury. Rockhurst. Benedictine. Missouri State and many others will be at the showcase. The event has sold out 4 years running so reserve your spot today! Click here for a complete list of schools and to register.

News items: 01/03/2022

KPSL Members, KSYSA Players, Parents, Referees, Coaches and Administrators
From Joe Burger Executive Director Kansas Youth Soccer

We at Kansas Youth Soccer are continuing to work to improve the youth sports environment for our players, referees, and parents.  Many of the readings speak to workplace situations specifically but can easily be translated to situations within youth sports and on the sidelines of youth sporting events. 

Thank you for taking the few minutes to read each and thinking on how you can help us create a better environment for everyone involved in youth sports. 

Link to the article is here:
Reducing the Effects of Toxic Behavior

Yours in Soccer,

Joe Burger
Executive Director
Kansas Youth Soccer


News items: 10/20/2021

Dear KPSL Members, 

Updated Grant Application Info – We are currently accepting applications on an ongoing basis with the caveat that you can only receive one KPSL funded grant during the “soccer year” (defined as the beginning of the fall season to the end of the spring season.) See below for more info and how to apply. 

Thank you for being a KPSL member, we value your membership and appreciate you giving the gift of soccer to kids in your community.  With the pandemic, we know times are tough for some families, and we would like to give back to our members, especially those players that have an extreme financial need, and would not be able play soccer unless they have monetary support.   

Therefore, we are putting together an application process where clubs can request grants on behalf of players in need.  These funds cannot go towards any fees for the club such as coaching payments, club payments, or annual registrations.  These funds must be used for the players league fees, tournament fees, player cards or uniforms.  All information submitted will be kept confidential. 

If you would like to apply for funds for a player in your club, please click on the link below and apply. 

Click here to apply.


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