Kansas Premier Soccer League was originally the premier league run by Heartland Soccer Association.That has since changed and KPSL (Kansas Premier Soccer League) is now one of six soccer clubs that are playing under the “umbrella” of Heartland Soccer Association. The word “League” is still part of the organization’s name for historical reasons. KPSL is considered the home of the independent team or club.


Please find the updated roster size limits that will be implemented in the 2016-2017 seasonal year:

U9 & U10 will play 7v7 roster size limit 12

U11 & U12 will play 9v9 roster size limit 14

U13 & U14 will play 11v11 roster size limit 18

U15 above will play 11v11 roster size limit 22

Changes are coming to Kansas Youth Soccer. Click here for more info and to see how these changes will affect your club.


All KPSL teams must be registered, and have paid in full, for the Heartland Soccer Spring 2016 season by January 5th 2016.

Click here to register your KPSL team for Heartland’s Spring 2016 season.

Checks should be made out to KPSL and may be dropped off between the hours of 10:00 am – 3:00 pm., Monday-Friday, at the Heartland Soccer office (9161W 133rd Street. OP KS 66213). You can use the mail slot on the front door if the office is close.

If you prefer, you could also mail your check to the following address:
Dave Morrow
12717 Wedd
Overland Park, KS 66213

Fee Structure:
6v6 – $695
8v8 – $760
11v11 – $800

Admin and player card fees may be submitted at a later date, but all teams must be able to present player cards for all players on the opening game of the season. Please see the registration information sheet for specific details.
KPSL Registration Procedures Spring 2016

New Maximum Roster sizes:
U8 – 11 players (KSYSA)
U8 – 11 players/14 gameday. (Heartland Soccer)
U9 & U10 – 14 players (KSYSA)
U9 & U10 – 14 players/14 gameday (16 if 8v8) (Heartland Soccer)
U11 & U12 – 16 players (KSYSA)
U11 & U12 – 16 players/18 gameday (Heartland Soccer)
U13 to U19 – 22 players (KSYSA)
U13 to U19 – 22 players/18 gameday (Heartland Soccer)
KPSL rosters may not exceed the maximum numbers listed by Kansas Youth Soccer

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Heartland Soccer

Links to important Heartland soccer information and resources for your team.

Heartland Weather Line.
Heritage Field Map
Overland Park Complex
Polo Fields Map
Johnson County Parks

Calendars / Tournaments

Links to the Heartland Soccer and Kansas Youth Soccer activity calendars as well as a handy tocurnmaent resource to help your team find local and/or regional tournaments.

Heartland Calendar
KSYSA Calendar
Tournament Database

Forms / Info

Links to required team management forms and permits.

KPSL Registration Procedures Spring 2016
2015-16 Reconciliation form
Player/Coach/Administrator Registration Information
Release to Practice/Tryout
Drop/Transfer Form
Medical Release Form
Mulitple Roster Form
Guest Player Permit
Travel Permit

2015-2016 Teams

KPSL teams, competing in Heartland Soccer:

KSYSA Age Matrix