Kansas Premier Soccer League was originally the premier league run by Heartland Soccer Association.That has since changed and KPSL (Kansas Premier Soccer League) is now one of six soccer clubs that are playing under the “umbrella” of Heartland Soccer Association. The word “League” is still part of the organization’s name for historical reasons. KPSL is considered the home of the independent team or club.


As a benefit of being a KPSL club/team, if you advance to Regionals and/or Nationals in either State or President’s Cup – KPSL will pay your team entry fee. Good luck and we hope everyone has a great spring 2018 season. 

Dates for Spring 2018:

Jan 3 is the deadline to pay KPSL the check for team registration.
Jan 8 is the deadline to register on-line with Heartland

New 2017/2018 KPSL Team Registration Reconciliation Form


Team/Player Card Registrations

  1.  Below are the necessary links for Missouri & Kansas residents to complete the transfer registration:
  2. Reminder- The 2017/2018 Event Registration will open July 17th for registrars  to move teams over.
  3. Please remember when  I or club registrars are making each team, we will keep them at their accurate age (what they played for the 16/17 season). On the 1st of August GotSoccer will automatically age up all teams/players to their accurate age group for the 17/18 season.
    • For example: if we are building a team for the 17/18 season that is going to play at the U18 level, make their team as a U17 and then on August 1, they will automatically age up to U18.
    • With that being said, you will have to wait until the 1st before I am permitted to print cards and official rosters.  We are working with GotSoccer to see if we can age up players/teams any earlier than this date, with Heartland games starting the 4th, but at this time I have been told it is not doable.   Thus, please do not ask me for player cards before this date.  Also, please have all of your information to me as soon as possible, so when I can start printing cards, I have everything ready to go.  Please allow at least 48 hours to process card requests

Missouri/Kansas Cross State Player Registration Information. 

KPSL will send you all an email prior to July 1st with instructions on how to register Missouri residents playing on a Kansas team. 

There will be 2 links in this message:

  • One link for players residing in MO that would like to play with a KS club, and the other will be for players residing in KS that would like to play with a MO club.
  • Players will need to complete the appropriate online form in the link (depending on where they reside), along with a transfer fee (fee is TBD).
  • The form for KS residents wishing to play for a MO club will open July 3rd.
  • The form for MO residents wishing to play for a KS club will open July 1st.

Please be aware that the players will have to log into their GotSoccer account to complete the online form.

If a player does not know their login and password in GotSoccer please contact KPSL registrar, Tommy Howell at tommy@kspl.org to obtain this information.

Spring 2018 Documents

KPSL Spring 2018 Registration Information Document


Missouri Cross Border Announcement can be downloaded here.

Heartland Soccer

Links to important Heartland soccer information and resources for your team.

Heartland Weather Line.
Heartland Field Maps
Overland Park Complex
Johnson County Parks

Calendars / Tournaments

Links to the Heartland Soccer and Kansas Youth Soccer activity calendars as well as a handy tocurnmaent resource to help your team find local and/or regional tournaments.

Heartland Calendar
KSYSA Calendar

Forms / Info

Links to required team management forms and permits.

KSYSA Membership Form
KPSL Spring 2018 Registration Information Document
KPSL 2017-18 Reconciliation From
Player/Coach/Administrator Registration Information
Release to Practice/Tryout
Drop/Transfer Form
Medical Release Form
Mulitple Roster Form
Guest Player Permit
Travel Permit