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Team/Player Registration Instructions



Please make sure you read through all of the information below

contact the KPSL registrar Sheila Ozburn if you have any questions.

913-766-2196 extension 700

Office hours Monday-Friday from 10:00am-3:00pm.

Garmin Olathe Soccer Complex

10529 S. Warwick, Olathe KS. 66061


Once your registration is complete your documents will be available for pick up at our office. For the 2023-24 fall season Heartland Soccer has July 6, 2022, at noon as their registration deadline.  No late registrations will be accepted.  KPSL’s document registration deadline will also be on July 6, 2023, at 5:00pm for all teams needing documents by August 11, 2023, or sooner. If your team/teams are playing, fall league and registering through KPSL here are the steps you need to follow. All documents will be processed in the order they are received. 

Please read all of the information below before continuing with your registration:


When you register for Heartland Fall league you will select KPSL as your club. You will not pay Heartland for your team’s league fees online, instead, you will receive an invoice directly from KPSL within 1-5 business days after you register your team(s). Please do not mail your fees, wait for the invoice to arrive and you'll be provided a link to pay by credit card or e-check. Your team fees are due by the deadline date of 1/6/2023.  Any registrations made before the noon deadline on the 6th will be due on receipt of your invoice.  Failure to pay your league fees in a timely manner may result in league forfeiture.  If for any reason your team does not come together after you have registered it is very important that you contact KPSL and Heartland to let them know as soon as possible. YOU are still responsible for the fees incurred until you contact the offices.   If you have any questions regarding league fees and payments and/or you have multiple teams and would like one invoice for all registrations, please contact Susan Daniels


To complete your team/player KPSL registrations you will need to gather some information.  Every player will need a birth certificate, medical waiver and (jpeg)(jpg) photo. You can find the medical waiver form on the KPSL website under the forms tab. YOU MUST USE THE UPDATED VERSION ON THE WEBSITE FOR MEDICAL WAIVER OR RISK DOCUMENTS BEING RETURNED. These can be filled out by the parents and no longer need to be notarized.  Once you have all your information scan your documents into files for birth certificates, medical waivers, and photos . Please be sure to name your files with the player name and item (example: Jimmy Stars_Birth Cert, Jimmy Stars_Photo, Jimmy Stars_MR). You will need photos for all coaches, and managers being carded as well.






You will then go to the Registration Page where you will select the team registration. It should be option #2. You will then follow these steps: 


1. Choose the credit card or E check option. 

2. Select your team or club from the drop-down menu. 

3. Enter team information and each players’ information. 

4. Enter coach/manager information. 

5. As you go through the registration add players, coaches, and managers. Once you have done this the fees will be added up. 

6. You will then enter your credit card or e-check information for the payment that has been calculated for your team. 

7. You will then find the tab with the box to upload your birth certificates, medical waivers, and photos. These are mandatory items. Your registration will not go through without all the information. 

8. Then you are ready to hit the submit tab. 

9. Once we receive your request, we will process it in the order it is received. Please remember you must have all documents in by July 7, 2022, to have them ready by the August 12 fall league start date. 

10. When your documents are ready you will be notified and will set up a time for pick up at the KPSL office at the Garmin Olathe Soccer Complex offices. Documents will NOT be left anywhere outside of the office. 

11. Once you pick up your documents you will need to laminate your player cards, punch a hole in them and place them on a key ring. 


New clubs need to contact Sheila Ozburn/KPSL Registrar at and let her know you are new and your team/club name. You will not be able to register any teams until you have been added to the drop-down menu of teams. 


COACHES NEW TO KPSL :Please remember all coaches need to be registered on Got Sport. They will need to have a background check and do the Safe Sport protocol before they can be carded. If they have never been carded, they must contact Sheila Ozburn/ KPSL Registrar to get an account set up. Background checks can sometimes take up to two weeks or longer. Please allow for enough time for this process to be complete. Team documents cannot be printed if the coach listed for the team does not have his documents completed. Returning coaches please remember your background check must be renewed every two years. This may be your year to renew. Once you have an account you will get a reminder notice every two years to update your registration. Safe Sport must be updated every year. It does not take long to do the update each year. 


Fall 2023 Heartland League

Registration Now Open!

 All KPSL teams planning to participate in the Heartland Fall 2023 League must register with Heartland Soccer on-line  no later than Noon on July 6th.  No late registrations will be accepted.  Be sure you are registering as a KPSL Member


When you register for Heartland Fall league as a  KPSL  club you will not pay Heartland for your team’s league fees online. You will receive an invoice from KPSL within 1-5 days after you register for the league.  Your invoice is due upon receipt and can be paid by Credit Card or e-check.  If you have any questions regarding registration fees and/or payments please contact Susan Daniels

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